Busy Busy!

Life gets so crazy, doesn’t it?  I have these notebooks.  They are filled with letters to my kids that I started when I found out I was pregnant with each of them (the first entries start “Dear Baby”).  Occasionally, I will write them a letter about day-to-day stuff.  Other times, I will write about school and their teachers and their friends and things I am proud of and things they do that annoy me.  Just something that I will give them at some point in their future… maybe if and when they have kids… But I realized the other day that it has been WELL over a year since I wrote in either one of their notebooks.  Curse you, business (and curse you even more, laziness)!!

All that was to say that I had been thinking of a couple of blog posts and then…. life got in the way!  I was going to post about SPA knit and spin and the time spent with friends and the delicious food and the kitting and the spinning.  I was going to show pictures of the skeins of yarn that I actually got spun during the weekend and the purple sweater that I finished (that needs to be blocked)!

I was also going to show you the yarn that I bought!  Some beautiful stripey sock yarn from Enchanted Knoll and some gorgeous worsted weight from Ball and Skein…


I was going to show you that I came from from SPA and knit two hats from a skein of yarn that I spun up and posted about in the big spinning update a few weeks ago.  I was going to tell you how I knit the first hat, didn’t love it, but loved the top of it and loved the right side so decided to knit a better, simple hat to show off the handspunniness of it!

And I would have told you that they are actually prettier in real life because I stink at taking pictures of red yarn….

And I would have told you all about my adventures at 177 Milk Street where I went and sat in the audience for the filming of their new TV show (coming in September) and how one of the chefs recognized us from taking a class there last November and called us “Foodie Groupies” and how we laughed and laughed and decided that we needed to make garlic soup even though it doesn’t sound that interesting because the smell was A-MAZ-ING.

Yes, I would have told you all about all of that had I not gotten the flu (note to self: never EVER skip getting a flu shot again) and had Andrew not broken his toe and had baseball training not begun and had “birthday season” not begun and and and.  Well, I would have told you all of it.  Except for that busy busy life that keeps getting in the way.


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