When plans don’t go as planned

This past weekend, my husband had to work (he works weird hours and has to work every other weekend) and I convinced my kids that they wanted to sleep over at Papa and Ditka’s house.  I HAD THE WHOLE QUIET HOUSE TO MYSELF!

My plan was simple.  Make socks.  Now, I have a love/hate relationship with my sock machine. It taunts me. It barfs up yarn randomly. It jams for no apparent reason – and always always always on the toe.  Not the heel when I am only halfway in, but always the toe, when I am almost done.  Because my sock machine hates me.

But when it works and I am in the zone, I can crank out 5 pair of socks in one evening.  And when you have a sock yarn stash as I do, going through a few skeins every once in a while is a good idea…


Here is my sock machine, quietly taunting me

I think you know from the title of this post how the evening went. My sock machine hates me.

I haven’t used my sock machine in a while.  I knew it would need tweaking.  My niece and nephew have been over and they like to touch.  I knew it would need tweaking. I was OK with that.

My sock machine hates me.

I tweaked for about 2 hours.  Used scrap yarn and adjusted the tension and the timing.  Played around.  Finally, about 4 hours in, after it completely COMPLETELY jammed (on what, I still don’t know) and I had to yank and scream gently and without anger remove all of the needles and start over from the beginning. I made a sock.  It was giant.  GIANT.  So I decided to put away my sock machine before I said some things to it that I would regret.


Here is my ginormous blanket, also taunting me

Maybe I will try socks again if I ever have another night alone.  Maybe 2019?

In the meantime, here is a picture of my weather blanket. When plans go wrong…  I do believe I have miscalculated because it is March and this blanket is already halfway up my legs.  I believe, in my completely sober state, mind you, that I calculated the blanket as if I were knitting one row per day, when I am actually knitting the back row as well. I think it may end up being a 6 month blanket…..

So a whole quiet evening free and my biggest accomplishment was binge watching The Great British Baking Show.


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