Birthday Season

It is the end of March here at la casa del Diane and that means that it is birthday season.  All four of us (meaning me, hubby, and my two boys) all have birthdays in March.  As does my grandfather.  And my grandmother.  Rich’s brother too.  Oh and my uncle.  And my first cousin.  Not to mention two of my best friends growing up.  Needless to say, it is a very party and cake filled month, even with just the 4 of us.

IMG_5732My boys were born exactly one week apart (well, 2 years and 1 week to be exact).  This year, they happened to fall on Saturdays. So both boys wanted to have a birthday party of their own. My by superb subliminal parenting skills (and a bit of bribery), they “decided” that they would have one party together (and get to go to Plaster Fun Time the next week). They wanted to have a Pokemon party. And they wanted Daddy to take them and their friends around the neighborhood catching Pokemon. That meant that this year was actually pretty easy for
me.  I just had to make the cake and buy IMG_5748some pizza and snacks. Even though plans did change because the weather went from 69 degrees to 22 degrees over the course of a week (not even lying) and we didn’t want to drag kids around to freeze.  Honestly, though, all kids were great, and it was just one giant, LOUD, playdate.  With a Pokemon cake and tons of Doritos.  Seriously, I underestimated just how many Doritos kids can eat.

Then came my birthday which was celebrated with…. wait for it….. keep waiting because I am…..IMG_2198[1]

And today is the last day of March and Rich’s birthday. He had to work this afternoon (just left, in fact) but the kids had a half day, so we all (including my parents and my niece) went out for lunch.  I forgot pictures.  I also forgot pictures of the homemade apple pie that I made last night. So I will leave you with a lovely picture of a half eaten apple pie…

Now that March is over, we can go back to our regularly scheduled weekends!


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