Scrapping the Road Trip

Wendy and I were having coffee one morning and the topic of scrapbooking came up (which it pretty much always does when we go out for coffee). She had written this post a while back about scrapping and I said that I was kind of surprised that I hadn’t written a scrapping post because it is currently the rabbit hole that I have been spending the most time in! But I also told her that I didn’t really have anything interesting to say about it, that I haven’t been fascinated by any new techniques or anything, I have just been plugging along scrapping daily life, our most recent Disney trip, and our epic road trip.  I told her it was boring and she told me to just post ’em!

So I decided to post some of my layouts from our road trip! You can see my whole gallery over at Gingerscraps if you like! If you are bored by this post, you can go right ahead and blame Wendy.  I do.

First let me tell you a teensy bit about our road trip.  My husband and I love to travel. From our early, pre-marriage trips camping and a few long drives from Boston to New York or Florida to visit friends (and Mickey), to our early married years in Europe, and weekend road trips around New England (and Florida), to our current family vacations (mostly Florida), we had always talked about going to Mount Rushmore.  It was always one of those bucket list things.  But when you start looking at travelling to Mount Rushmore you quickly realize that it is in the middle of NOWHERE! So we kept putting it off because we figured we would spend all this money to fly there, see the big rock, and then….. well, nothing.  So, we just continued to talk about it. Until this past summer. We decided that we were just going to do it.  Now, if you were to meet my husband on vacation… or any time, really…. you would see Clark Griswold. Seriously, when the man does something, he goes whole hog.

This, for example, is what he does to the exterior of our house for Halloween. The pictures don’t do his insanity justice.  On a recent vacation to New York, we (and this was with two little kids) walked 20 miles a day and saw 478363 museums, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and ate Halal in Central Park. Point is, we don’t do anything half way around here.

So once we decided that we were going to road trip half way across the country, Rich got to planning out the drive. As we were talking about our plans, my mother jumped in! She loves to travel and, since my dad doesn’t, they don’t really go anywhere interesting. So now we had to plan a cross-country road trip with an 8 and 10 year old AND a grandmother! We decided to plan it so that we would stop every few hours so that the kids didn’t go crazy and mom could stretch her legs and go potty.

I will interject here to say that, while I was looking forward to the sites we would see, I was NOT looking forward to three weeks cramped in the minivan with 2 kids, a grandmother and Clark Griswold. I honestly did not think we would all make it home alive.

Not only did we make it home alive, it was one of the best vacations ever! I think one of my favorite parts was when Andrew (age 10) was looking at the giant unfinished statue of Crazy Horse that has already been 50 years in the making and he said “When I am a dad, I am going to take my kids here and we will see how much further they have gotten.” I love that he was having so much fun on this super lame road trip that he was already planning on taking one with his future family!

We now have 2 ideas for future road trips (one involving the Southern US  states and one that goes just west of the east coast, down to Florida, and then back up the east coast), but we are currently in the process of planning a huge family vacation for this summer. My uncle lives in Hawaii and when you have a free place to stay in Hawaii, you take it! But, see above, we don’t just do things like normal people.  We have to Griswold it up! So we tacked on a California portion of the tour.  I mean, we were already halfway there, right?! My brother-in-law and his wife just had a baby and we thought we would stop and see them. But stopping in California on your way to Hawaii is not crazy enough, we decided to take 10 days and make a California road trip out of it!  Planning is crazy, but it is coming along.  But I have a goal, which gets me back to the whole point of this post. My goal is to finish scrapping our last road trip before leaving for the next one!

So I will leave you with the start of our last road trip! This, my friends, was just day 1!

2016 Rushmore - 1Front Pageweb

A Magical Journey by Romajo and Life is an Adventure by Paula Kesselring

2016 Rushmore - 02 LuckyPP

Freebee93 by Fiddle Dee Dee Designs, July 2016 by Connie Prince


2016 Rushmore - Smallest Churchweb

Blessed Day by Connie Prince

2016 Rushmore - All Things OzLweb

2016 Rushmore - All Things OzRweb

Rainbow by CathyK Designs, Thankful For Alpha by JoCee Designs, Floral xmas paper by Coffee Shop, Bring on Spring green paper by The Gingerbread Ladies


2016 Rushmore - Big Metal Dragonweb

A Day In Norway by Kellybell Designs, Gears by OK Dawn, CEAF17 template by Tinci Designs


2016 Rushmore - 07 Knightweb

Of Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams template by Fiddle Dee Dee Designs, Once Upon a Time by JoCee Designs


2016 Rushmore - Oliversweb

I Want Candy Too by Kristen Aagard, Template by Britt Designs

2016 Rushmore - NiagaraNYweb

Template 421 by Simply Yin, Outdoor Adventure and Wild Frontier by Magical Scraps Galore

2016 Rushmore - NiagaraGoatIslandweb

The Things You Say by Little Rad Trio

2016 Rushmore - NiagaraCanadaweb

Canadian, eh? by Jen C Designs


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