About Wendy & Diane

We are two stay-at-home moms who met through crafting.  We initially bonded over our shared love of knitting and spinning – in fact, Diane was instrumental in teaching Wendy to spin.  We also both love digital scrapbooking.  Diane is a total foodie who loves both baking and cooking, and Wendy is a long-time baker who is slowly learning to cook a few things despite her innate hatred of cooking.

We have been sharing our mutual love of crafting, scrapping and baking for years with each other.  When Wendy mentioned she was starting a new blog where she could document and talk about all the different crafty things she loves (not just knitting), Diane was interested in blogging too, and we decided to try sharing this blog.

If you are interested in reading posts by a specific author, just click on her name in the category cloud.  You can also search by topic.  We plan to blog about all of the crafty rabbit holes we fall down, so you never know what topic will come up next.